Many people are not aware of the significant benefits of medical cannabis. Medical cannabis can be used to treat a wide variety of ailments, including severe endometriosis. State-of-the-art medical compounded cannabis means that the potency and effectiveness of the medicines have been checked.

Andrew Hanna, a top leading compounding pharmacist and medical cannabis consultant in Ottawa, explains how medical compounding cannabis can be a huge benefit for people suffering from painful medical disorders.

What does a compounding pharmacy do?

Hanna is a Medical Cannabis Consultant and Compounding Pharmacist. These medical professionals are responsible for transforming a medication into a different formulation than how it was produced…

The COVID pandemic has been uniquely devastating for the world as we know it. As of February 2021, over 21,000 people in Canada have lost their lives due to the pandemic and its complications. While the rapid development of the vaccine bodes well for the end of the pandemic, the fact remains that vaccine distribution up to this point has been slower than projected.

Andrew Hanna Shares How Canadian Pharmacies Will Help

Andrew Hanna, a well-known compounding pharmacist and the owner of Cotton Mill Pharmacy, describes Canada’s upcoming shift to Stage 2 in the vaccine effort and explains how community pharmacies will be an important distributor of the…

In Canada, there are about over 42,000 licensed pharmacists. These professionals work in a variety of different settings such as community pharmacies, hospitals, and the pharmaceutical industry. Pharmacy is a rewarding job that brings the professional into contact with the public, helping them with their medical needs. Often, a pharmacist is the first line of defence against illness, giving recommendations to a patient regarding the safety and effectiveness of their medication.

The process of becoming a licensed pharmacist in Canada can be intimidating, but there are concrete steps that a professional can follow to receive this certification and begin work…

Andrew Hanna, a practicing pharmacist from Ontario, explains the ways in which the COVID-19 pandemic has affected his profession.

Since the first outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in China, the disease has come to dominate world medical care. Over 9,000 Canadians have died of COVID-19 as of September 2020, over 2,800 being Ontario residents. The coronavirus pandemic has had even more impact in other countries like the United States, where over 200,000 people died of the disease as of September 2020.

Origins of COVID in Canada

While tracking early cases of the coronavirus pandemic in Canada, it becomes clear that most of the infections came…

Andrew Hanna Explains the Importance of Getting to Know Your Pharmacist

A pharmacist is often in close proximity to one’s home, just a few miles away in a community establishment and likely someone whom you see or talk to consistently, a trustworthy, reliable health care professional available to answer your questions.

Pharmacists possess specific training to assist you in taking care of and improving your health, while also working in unison with your doctor or nurse to supply you with all of the relevant information about your condition.

Andrew Hanna, a pharmacist from Cornwall, Ontario, and active member of the Champlain Regional Pharmacist Committee, shares some of the reasons as to…

Your pharmacy can address certain concerns, prescribe medication, and offer suitable treatment methods, but there are times when greater assistance is needed to properly address symptoms or ailments.

This is where compounding pharmacies are important. Compounding pharmacies differ from the normal pharmacies and their offerings, with staff that have earned additional extensive education and training in the science of compounding and creating custom medications with base ingredients for patients. At one time, compounded medications were the standard norm, until mass drug manufacturing seemingly took over and dispensed medication in bulk, regulating the role of pharmacists to some extent.

Andrew Hanna…

Andrew Hanna

I am a certified compounding pharmacist and the founder of the pharmacy Cotton Mill Pharmacy, a specialty pharmacy that compounds prescriptions for clients.

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