Andrew Hanna Shares How Canadian Pharmacies Will Help With the Stage 2 of the COVID-19 Vaccine Effort

Andrew Hanna Shares How Canadian Pharmacies Will Help

Stages of Vaccine Distribution in Canada

As many other countries have done, Canada has prioritized certain segments of the population to receive vaccines in a defined order. Stage 1, beginning in December 2020, includes residents and staff of long-term care homes and other congregate living centers. Adults 70 years of age and over are also included in Stage 1, though the vaccinations are prioritized for those 80 and older. As the supply becomes available, the threshold for vaccination will go down by 5 years.

Stage 2

Up to 8.5 million residents of Ontario will be vaccinated during Stage 2 of the vaccine rollout. As additional vaccines become available, there will be a sufficient supply to vaccinate every person in Stage 1. Next, the vaccine will be offered to people in the following categories. First, healthcare workers whose jobs were not covered in Stage 1 will be included. Residents and staff of other congregate settings will be vaccinated next. This includes migrant workers in common quarters, residents of homeless shelters, and residents of correctional facilities. Finally, essential workers will also be vaccinated.

How Pharmacists Will Be the Keys to Vaccine Distribution

Andrew Hanna

Patients Trust Their Local Pharmacies

Patients trust their community pharmacists to provide them with accurate information about their health. They are already well-versed in managing a patient’s medications, contacting their physician to make sure that drug interactions and other side effects are minimized. People in Canada are accustomed to visiting or calling their pharmacist if they have a question about a minor ailment or injury or need a vaccine.

Hope for a Vaccinated Population

When enough patients have been vaccinated, the country should reach herd immunity. This means that the coronavirus pandemic will be over. The disease is expected to become endemic, meaning that it will continue in the population on a limited basis. This means that people will probably need to continue getting COVID vaccine boosters annually for the foreseeable future.



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Andrew Hanna

Andrew Hanna

I am a certified compounding pharmacist and the founder of the pharmacy Cotton Mill Pharmacy, a specialty pharmacy that compounds prescriptions for clients.